Praying with the Saints in the Upper Room

  • 22 May 2019
    22 May 2019
    The Confessions of Augustine, and others

    There is a joy that brings true happiness, but it is not given to the ungodly. It is only for those who love You for Your own sake. 

    That joy is to know You as You are. This is the happy life, to rejoice in You, of You, and for You. This is the happy life, and there is no other. They who think there is another, pursue some other. They are not on the track of true joy. Yet they still have that image of it inside that makes them run after what looks like some semblance of the real joy. 

    It is by no means certain that all wish the happiness that is true joy, for that means finding joy in You, the only hope of a happy life.

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Following our practice in the past years, we are encouraging the GCC family to spend extra time in prayer, joining the church throughout the ages in "the upper room."
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