Praying with the Saints in the Upper Room

  • 7 June 2019
    7 June 2019
    The Confessions of Augustine, and others

    As I rise from sleep I thank Thee, O Holy Trinity, for through Thy great goodness and patience Thou wast not angered with me, an idler and sinner, nor hast Thou destroyed me in my sins, but hast shown Thy usual love for men, and when I was prostrate in despair, Thou hast raised me to keep the morning watch and glorify Thy power. And now enlighten my mind's eye and open my mouth to study Thy words and understand Thy commandments and do Thy will and sing to Thee in heartfelt adoration and praise Thy Most Holy Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.
    (Prayer of St. Basil the Great to the Most Holy Trinity)


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Connecting Sunday to Monday

This is the first event of a series called Connecting Sunday to Monday presented by Rev. Alistair Chiu. It will be held at the GCC Ministry Center @ 7:30 pm, Saturday, 27 April.

Through short talks and discussion, we will be tackling 3 main questions: 

  • Why did God create work?
  • Why do we so often feel a disconnect between our work and our faith?
  • How can we reintegrate our work in Christ?  

The event is free but it would help if you could register at the link below:

Sign up form.



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Function Room 5-6, Hotel ICON

Function Room 5-6, Hotel ICON

Function Room 5-6, Hotel ICON

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