The Book of Revelation

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Date: 17 April 2019 19:30

Venue: GCC Ministry Center

The class on 10 April is suspended. Resume on 17 April.


Many Christians shy away from the book of Revelation, intimidated by images of dragons and beasts, angels and elders and strange numbers. It’s a mystery, they feel, and just too difficult to understand. For others – so-called “prophecy buffs” – the book is used to work out timelines for the future and they attempt to match it to current events. The apostle John’s book, however, was a letter written to a suffering first-century church in a language that made sense to them. The interpretive key is the very same as the one needed to understand all Scripture: Jesus Christ. He is portrayed as the both the Lamb and the Lion, the one who became victorious through suffering. This eight-week class will give an overview of Revelation and ways to understand this type of (apocalyptic) literature. Mostly it will deepen our appreciation for the Lamb who was slain, and who has won complete victory through his death and resurrection.


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