10 Hollywood Rd, Central

This is a complex comprises a number of historic buildings dating back to the mid-19th century. The main purpose of the complex was to meet the law enforcement of the time, including the Central Police Station, the Central Magistracy and the Victoria Prison. The first building, the Magistrate's House, was completed in 1841. In 1995 the main buildings on the site become Declared Monuments. The Victoria Prison was the last part to be decommissioned in 2006. After this, the complex went through a series of conservation works and was reopen to the public in phrases since 2018.

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大馆是一群从19世纪中期开始修建的历史建筑。它们是为当时的执法需要而兴建的, 包括警察总部大楼,中央裁判司署和维多利亚监狱。1841年,中央裁判司署建成, 它是第一座完成的建筑。1995年,这里的主要建筑物被列为法定古迹。2006年维多利亚监狱成为这里的最后一座完成历史使命的建筑。在此之后, 经过一系列的保育工程,从2018年开始,大馆分阶段向公众开放。